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New Semester New Me


Hi Guys, hope you're getting on well in the closing stages of semester one! By now you should be finishing up your assignments and getting ready to sit your first load of exams so good luck!

I just thought I’d update you all about what I’m going to get up to next semester and what I’ve been working on recently!

Semester One Round up


What I’m up to this semester:

Safe Sesh Drug Harm Reduction Campaign

Towards the end of last year, I wrote a six page proposal to run a drug harm reduction campaign. The idea came to me after a conversation with the news company VICE, as part of their new campaign called ‘Safe Sesh’. The main priority of the campaign will be an honest conversation about drugs and both the long term and short term effects of drugs.

The paper has been submitted to the Students’ Union and University Partnership Forum and I’m going to meet a member of the University Senior Management team in the coming weeks to iron out some details and work collaboratively to make the campaign a success.  

I will be looking to launch this campaign towards the end of January in time for the new semester so please keep an eye out for that!

Safe Taxi Scheme

I have recently been working on bringing a safe taxi scheme to Christ Church, working in partnership with Longley’s Private Hire. The scheme will centre around getting students home even if they have no money.

All you will have to do is register with Longley’s on their app or quote the safe taxi code and the driver will take you home, but they will also take your student card at the same time. After that all you have to do is come into the Students’ Union building the next day and pay and you’ll get your student ID back!

I hope to be able to launch the scheme in the next few weeks!


Ongoing Broadstairs Transition

Currently one of my major priorities is the ongoing Broadstairs students transition to the Canterbury campus. Students there have been given a number of options about how they would like to continue their studies. One of the major wins for the people studying there is that they now have the option to stay on at the Broadstairs campus, albeit with reduced facilities and they also have the option to live in Canterbury whilst studying at Broadstairs. It’s a really positive move from the University to offer this as many would not be able to make the move and continue their studies

Representing students in this way this is one of the main responsibilities that I really enjoy. I will both continue to ensure that these students continue to be listened to but I will also aim to enable these students to succeed.

In the coming months I am aiming to begin preparations for students to make the move, and to help make their transition as smooth as possible between the campuses. At the same time I will strive to ensure that students who choose to remain in Broadstairs are equipped with what they need to finish their degrees.

May exams and #StressLess

We have had a great response to #StressLess and the 24 hour library so it’s going to come back for the end of year exams!

I know none of us like writing assignments and taking exams but doing well in them is integral to walking away with a great degree so we’re going to keep the library open all the time later in the year.

The library will be open 24 hours starting 5th March 2018 all the way through to 18th May, which should hopefully give you some extra time to finish off those last minute assignments and some extra hours to hit the books before your exam. I will be working with the library to improve the #StressLess areas so if you have any suggestions or comments please let me know.

Please also remember we still have our free condom scheme set up at the Students’ Union so pop in for some if you’re running low (Just ask at reception).

As always, if you have any problems don’t hesitate to contact me at or find me on Facebook at ‘Jordan Howard’.

See ya!




Nina;Nina Dunne
1:54pm on 13 Jan 18 You can't hear this but I'm humming the John Cena tune as I read this. Here's to a great 2018.
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