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Veganuary - 30 day Vegan Viva and Dark chocolate truffles recipe

Free 30 days of delicious vegan recipes, vegan meal plans, vegan nutrition, health and inspiration! 

Breakfasts include 'Berry Nice Fruit Smoothie', 'Vegan Omelette' and 'Egg butties'! Lunches and dinners include Creamy Mock Chicken and Avocadeo wraps and Cream of Watercress soup! If these sound good to you - check out the site and sign up here!

Dark chocolate truffles recipe

"As students, we all find it difficult to budget our weekly food shops, while still being able to experiment with new recipes. This week I came across a fantastic little blog called ‘The minimalist baker' which is a great place for finding recipes using only a few ingredients. 

The 2-ingredient Dark chocolate truffles can be found at consisting of only coconut milk and chocolate, it is the perfect party recipe or even a great treat to make for someone's birthday so that you don't have to break the bank!" 

- Our very own President of the `Vegetarian & Vegan society', Abegael Tomlin

Wallflower Kitchen
Check out this website for a HUGE selection of different vegan receipies, some easy, some more complex, but all of them vegan and delicious though! 


Nina;Nina Dunne
4:09pm on 26 Jan 18 The truffles look amazing
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