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From the trash to the table...

From the unwanted vegetables bin into a delicious homemade and healthy soup for our students!

Charmaine Jacobs is an incredibly driven and enthusiastic Christ Church student who started her own social enterprise that aims to connect people through healthy and sustainably sourced food whilst at the same time reducing food waste!

Check out and support her project here:

Collecting Leftovers

Gleaning is the process of collecting leftover crops from farmers' fields after they have been commercially harvested or on fields where it is not economically profitable to harvest.

Many vegetables get thrown away because supermarkets refuse to take them - this is where initiatives like The Gleaning Network come in and offer to take the unwanted produce and give them to whoever wants them.

Although the misshapen foods may look strange, they still taste the same so why should they be wasted?

Charmaine uses projects like Gleaning KENT to collect foods that would normally go to waste for free and turns them into delicious healthy meals! Check them out here:

In collaboration with the Students’ Union and the Events Management course, Charmaine wanted to make and sell a curried cauliflower soup at this year's Spring Festival. Here are some pictures of the raw produce that we started with.

With help from the Elior team at the Students’ Union we prepared an amazing soup made from only vegetable underdogs!

To make the soup making process even more sustainable from start to finish we took the food waste to a local cafe called Lily’s Bistro that has a food composter on site! Check them out here:

Here are some pictures from the Spring Festival where the soup that we helped create went down an absolute treat:

Don’t miss the next time Charmaine and the Gastro Hub come to campus!

For the full album go here:



Nina;Nina Dunne
1:01pm on 10 Apr 18 What a fantastic initiative. In my previous university we had a Food Co-op and shared recipes. It was a great way to save money and be more experimental in the kitchen.
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