Event Description

Freshers' Farm

When: Thursday 22 September 2016
Location: Anselm Lawn, Canterbury
Time: 11am - 3pm

A chilled out day with a mobile farm, BBQ, and some games

FREE to attend but burgers , veggie burgers and hotdogs will be available for £2.50 each.

A bar serving soft drinks and light alcoholic beverages (beer & cider) will also be on site


The Fresher's Farm day will be held on the lawn area outside Anselm, and there will be low level music played through some speakers, some food available for students, some small scale sporting activities for students to get involved with like lawn badminton, and the mobile farm itself. If there are a large number of attendees at any time, we have the staff provision to manage queues and liaise with the company to make sure the animals are calm and not overcrowded.

The company providing the farm have requested a huge space (15mx9m) and a water supply to ensure the welfare of their animals, and obviously the welfare of the animals is paramount to us as a Students' Union too. The animals will be in their own pens, much like on a normal farm, and we selected a local company to also ensure that the animals would not be travelling too far, with concern to their welfare.

If you would like to know more about the mobile farm, the company we are using is The Mobile Farm Experience, and the company is run by a family who have qualifications in agriculture and farm management, and take their animals to many events for primarily educational events. 

You will be able to "pet" and stroke the animals in their pens, but you will not be able to get into the pen, pick up or cuddle with the animals. Please also ensure you are respectful around them and be aware they may bite if scared or antagonised.

Freshers' Farm
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