An open letter to our sports teams.

We're so very proud of you all xxx

Dear Athletics, Tennis (Mens), Lacrosse (Womens), Lacrosse (Mens), Rugby (Womens), Rugby (Mens),  Netball, Basketball (Mens), Swimming, Snowsports, Tennis (Womens), Football (Mens), Hockey (Womens), Hockey (Mens), Cheerleading, Pole Fitness, Dance, Trampolining, Cricket (Mens), Cricket (Womens), Equestrian, Climbing, Badminton, Volleyball (Womens), Football (Womens), and American Football. 

We just wanted to say thank you for representing Christ Church at this year’s Canterbury Varsity and we’re so very proud of you all.

Even though we didn’t win Varsity we know you gave it your absolute all, like you always do, and wore your kit with honour.

We also wanted to give a special mention to Maddy, Alex, and Ryan from the SU for working so hard to make Varsity a success. The last two years have been tough on all of us and we haven’t had the opportunity to compete or celebrate the way we should have, that’s what makes this years’ Varsity so special and that’s why we absolutely cannot wait for the Sports Federation Dinner at the end of this month!

We love each and every one of you and we are so blessed to have all of you as part of our C4 family.

Much love from everyone at your Students’ Union.

Varsity Players

Our Captains and their players of the week from Varsity

We asked the captains of our sports teams to tell us who on their team they were most proud of.

Athletics - ‘Lewis Cable, he showed pure determination to get us a full mixed gender team for Varsity, which was successful as we came home with a Win for Christ Church'

Womens Lacrosse -‘Holly Fordham - she is a fresher who saved some amazing shots at her on Saturday. That was by far the best game she played and was a key player on that line-up. However to be honest, all the girls deserve this one as the score did not reflect our play!’

Mens Lacrosse - ‘Jack Egan, with all our injuries he put in a shift stopping a lot  of Kent attacks, the score would have been much worse if not for him.’

Womens Rugby - ‘Jess Pettafor, played in a new position and smashed it scoring a try, and stepped up kicking the conversions for the first time.’

Womens Tennis - ‘Players of the match are Jodie Buckett, Annett Cammegh and Eva Stavreva! She can’t pick one player of the match, the girls were nervous and Kent are in a higher division than us and all of the girls smashed it! None of us had competed in a varsity before and the girls worked their socks of for the win!’

Netball 4s - ‘Maria, She was a revelation like a person possessed, she ran, she jumped, did split landings and put up amazing shots!! She took on all advice from the last year and put it into practice!’

Netball 3s - ‘Shakira Clarke, she kept her head high for the whole game and made some incredible interceptions.'

Netball 2s - ‘Ashley - had her best game of the season, played amazing all 4 quarters. ‘

Netball 1s - ‘Molly Davies for not cracking under the pressure shooting in her first varsity. ‘

Basketball - ‘Tudor Criveanu gave the team the energy needed’

SnowSports - ‘Aimeè Wraight - she was the second fastest female over all and had clean runs throughout the comp, despite other members messing up in the teams she kept her cool and managed to catch up the team up at the end of each race. ‘

Womens Hockey 2s - Dasie Savage

Womens Hockey 1s - ‘Laura McGurren for staying on the pitch whilst feeling severely unwell and as well for stopping a few of kent’s penalty strokes. insane player overall!!’

Mens Hockey 2s - Jacob Ashburner

Mens Hockey 1s - ‘Harry Harding, he has been playing hockey for a year and played a full 70 against a midfield that has all played national league. ‘

Mens Football 3s - ‘Lewis Fowler, he was carrying a knock coming into the game but saw out the 90. Flew in for challenges all game.  Hit the post (and the corner flag) from distance. Couldn’t fault him.’

Mens Football 1s - ‘Temi for his good deliveries, working hard for the team, never letting his head go down and keeping efforts high until the end. ‘

Cheerleading - ‘the whole team for pulling through our showcase yest erday hitting the routine even when the music cut out. The girls have been at every fixture at varsity and throughout the year. So well done to every single one of you. ‘

Dance - Erina Forde

Mens Cricket 2s - Cully Annand

Mens Cricket 1s - Harry Harding

Equestrian - ‘Abby Paris for an amazing ride and great horsemanship. ‘

Womens Football 2s - ‘Jodie Hobson for unbelievable play. ‘

Womens Football 1s - ‘Lauren street- Played really well and never gave you and man marked a girl that plays on the championship league out the game’

Mens Badminton - ‘Taylor Gardener- He persisted through all of his games and gave it his all. Although he had some strong opponents he kept his head up and improved in every game: performing to a high standard. He also helped coach others throughout the day!’

Womens Badminton - ‘Claudia Crowther has been unbeaten in all games since her first year, and she beat a Kent County player in her singles games, whilst playing to a very high standard. She also holds the team together very well with coaching throughout.’

Womens Volleyball - ‘Camille Fehl, she received the most difficult serves.’