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CCSU launches Student Group Finances

We're happy to announce that we have launched a new tool to help make things easier for our sports and society members.... and that is Student Group Finances, or SGF for short.

SGF allows members of societies and sports to submit expenses requests and to view their balances, whilst giving select committee members (currently Presidents and Treasurers) the right to approve these and have greater control over their finances.. This means greater transparency and also should make things a lot quicker..... no more red paper request forms :)

So how does it work?

We've put together a step-by-step guide so please have a read of that, but what it means is that if a club/society member has expenses to recoup (usually something agreed with the committee beforehand) then they can do this online. Put in the info, upload a receipt, add bank details.... and submit.

This then goes through to the President or Treasurer to either approve, refer back if they need more info, or reject :(

If it's approved then the Opportunities team will do the same (approve, refer, reject) and then the SU Finance Team with process the payment. We do this weekly on a Thursday, so get your expenses in by Tuesday to get processed that week.

Sounds good right? All members will also be able to view the club/society balances to see the state they're in too, as well as submit purchase orders (things they want to buy) and sales invoices (where the club/soc is owed money from another organisation).


Hopefully that gives you a very brief outline of what Student Group Finances can do, but please read the step-by-step guide for a more detailed approach. If at any stage of the process you encounter a technical problem please take a screenshot and email the image and a description of the problem to

Please note that only Presidents and Treasurers who have completed their training and messaged screenshots to will have access. Get that training done asap.

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