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Diversity, Equality and Liberation Committee

Hello, my name is Krum Tashev and I am the CCSU Union President 2017-18. One of my main priorities for the year is to put liberation at the centre of our democracy; empowering and giving a voice to all students. This is why this year I am creating the 'Diversity, Equality and Liberation Committee (DEL Committee). Apply now.

Committees Aims and Objectives

  • The committee’s main aim is to give a voice to all students at CCCU and most importantly to create a platform for students of liberation backgrounds to voice their concerns and be an active part of the student life in the Union and the University. This committee will be run by students, for student and from next year will be elected by students.

  • The committee will be the engine behind events such as 'Black History month', 'LGBT+ History month'; 'One World Week'; 'International Women's day'; etc. On the other hand the committee will have the platform to organise: seminars, debates, talks and other events raising awareness on campus and in the community around issues that students face.

  • The committee will discuss different issues that students face on and off campus and will write motions which will be presented to the Union Council or the relevant body.


  • The committee will meet every month in the Students’ Union, and the first meeting will be held before Fresher’s fair.

  • The communication outside of meetings will happen via a What's app chat and a Facebook secret page so the committee members can communicate easily and update each other on the development of different campaigns.

Application opens on 03.07.2017 and closes on 31.07.2017. Click here to apply.


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