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General Elections Round-up

Historically, ‘young people’ aren’t particularly great at voting with just 43% of those aged 18-24 actually casting a vote in the 2015 General Election, compared to 78% for those aged over 65. However, the 2017 snap election has evoked an enormous turnaround in voting statistics with an astonishing estimated figure of 72% ‘young people’ turnout.

The result of the election saw the Conservatives reach 318 seats - 8 seats short of an overall majority. On the other hand, Labour had obtained 30 more seats, totalling 262 leading to a Hung Parliament.

Registration Drive

As a democratic organisation ourselves we promoted voter registration through social media, emails, news articles and pop-up stalls and in turn vote so we hope that we played our part contributing to this amazing turnout.

"Students have really come out and taken an interest in their future. It's amazing to see the increase in young voters during this election, the passion for change is there and we've started to act on it" - Christina Stenson (CCCU student)

On the day of the election, Union President David Hannaway and Phil Semmens, President (Education & Wellbeing) booked out the SU Minibus and publicly offered to provide lifts to and from local polling stations to anyone who required this service within the Canterbury region.

“Well done to all students who voted and campaigned! Your voice really did make the difference!” - Phil Semmens

Press Coverage

After 160 years of a Conservative MP, Canterbury elected it’s first ever Labour MP in Rosie Duffield with a 10% swing and this has provided a lot of press coverage eager to talk to our students and get their views. A selction of these are listed below with links.

We are excited to hear Rosie Duffield MP’s plans for the future, particularly for the local student population, and on developments in the local area.

Remember, whoever you voted for, the increase in voting numbers is great to see and shows just how significant each and everyone of your votes really are.


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