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NUS Responsible Futures

Students’ Union and University Sustainability Partnership

The Students’ Union and University have formed a Sustainability Partnership in order to further our shared sustainability objectives and to achieve NUS Responsible Futures Accreditation.

L to R: Krum Tashev, Union President, Dr Peter Rands, Director of Sustainability Development, Dr Keith McLay, SMT and Chair of the Education for Sustainable Futures Working Group, Jordan Howard, President (Education and Wellbeing), Nick Beard, President (Student Activities).


2016-17 saw a significant shift in priorities for the Students’ Union, becoming more actively involved in campaigns than ever before and readjusting its focus. The Union Sabbatical Leadership Team have a keen focus on Social Responsibility and Sustainability and the work has been written into the Role Description of the President (Student Activities). The 2016-19 Students’ Union Strategic Plan not only has a strategic focus on Sustainability but the Union has a policy commitment to embedding Social Responsibility and Sustainability in the formal and informal curriculum through its Ethical, Environmental and Sustainability Policy and through its commitment to working with the University on a joint approach to Sustainability matters.

In 2016-17 the Union entered the National Union of Students Green Impact award accreditation with specific staff resources and support. The Union were awarded the top score of ‘Excellent’ and won NUS Union of the Year (Non-Commercial) for their efforts.

Dr Peter Rands, Director of Sustainability Development and Nick Beard, President (Student Activities) with the 2016-17 Green Impact Award


The new shift in focus for the Union has forged new partnerships with the University. Both in terms of achieving Green Impact but also in working towards the NUS Responsible Futures accreditation.

The Union and the University have created a partnership to achieve their individual and collective sustainability goals. This new partnership has increased student engagement in the work of the Sustainability Department and the Student Green Office and has reinforced the work of the Union in achieving Green Impact with the support of the University. The Union are now looking to enter Green Impact on an annual basis and have also committed to supporting the University in achieving Responsible Futures accreditation within the next three years.

The Union and the University have signed The SDG Accord - The University and College Sector’s Collective Response to the Sustainable Development Goals. 

Krum Tashev, Union President, with the SDG Acord 


Kaspas Canterbury

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