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Sabbatical Officer Updates - 19th Feb 2021

Having spoken to students we've been told you would like to know more about what your students' union and your elected officers are up to, so here's our latest update for the week ending Friday 5th February 2021.

You'll appreciate a lot goes on, so it's mostly bullet points, but we try and share on social media or expand on larger actions here on the website, but if you have any questions or want to know more then please get in touch.

Maddy's Week (Sports & Engagement Sabbatical Officer)

15/02 Monday

club sports meeting, Rosie Duffield meeting, leadership team, and club fitness sessions

16/02 Tuesday

Planning for future opportunities and potential events and met and supported sports teams and had a catch up regarding a Leadership and Management qualification;

17/02 Wednesday

Internal meetings and working on my miles for BRIT 21 and had some writing time?

18/02 Thursday

Met with Beth to arrange our charity event; Filmed a podcast with two members of LGBT+ soc; Had a healthcare Academic Societies Network Session

Beth's Week (Developmental Sabbatical Officer)

15/02 Monday

Filmed the Unsung Hero awards; Met with the President of Medsoc society; Had a call with Canterbury MP Rosie Duffield to talk about the work the Union has been doing and the issues facing students right now; Met with two students who are interested in running for sabbatical positions; Had our weekly leadership team meeting

16/02 Tuesday

Meeting for a Leadership and Management qualification; Finalised and recorded the training for Trans Awareness week

17/02 Wednesday

Meeting about the future Care Leavers and Estranged Students network; USEC meeting, with the approval of three new societies

18/02 Thursday

Finalised comms for the campaign next week; Met with Maddy to arrange our charity event; Filmed a podcast with two members of LGBT+ soc; Had an open call for our healthcare societies

Nathan's Week (Wellbeing Sabbatical Officer)

12/02 Friday

Researching for campaigns

15/02 Monday

Rosie Duffield meeting

16/02 Tuesday

Researching for campaigns

17/02 Wednesday

Researching carry on

18/02 Thursday

Time to talk event

Becky’s Week (President of the Union)


Meeting With:




Leadership team Meeting


Student meeting r.e elections


Comms manager Union

Partnership communications with FE colleges


Project timetabling



Filming for unsung heroes


IT, student communications and Medway coordinator r.e. App development

App development and submission to University Digital Experience Board

I emailed Moira Helm and Ali Eyden in order to set up an extraordinary meeting to approve the paper. This will assign resources from all depts. And ensure we can progress with the app development



Time for personal development


Emma Djemil

Research meeting


Student Communications Committee

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