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Sports Executive Committee 2017-18!


The Sports Exectuive Committee (SEC) are selected from the President (Sports), Biba Chuta to support matters that affect the entire sporting community at Christ Church, to achieve a successful sporting year.

SEC generate and promote campaigns, events and fundraisers. SEC are required to attend all Sports Council and Committee training sessions in order to input decisions that will affet upon current processes and the future of sport at Christ Church.

SEC also assist in the selection process for colours and awards at Sports Federation and assisting the President (Sports) in final decisions.


So... Meet the team!

Ben Rogers - American Football

Favourite animal: Red Panda - Favourite crisps: Don’t eat them - Prefer Mars bar!

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"My favourite sporting moment since getting to Canterbury Christ Church by far has to be the C4 Chargers first ever playoff game. After going undefeated in the regular season, we faced a hard time in this game due to injuries to our already small squad. Because of this I had to make a first quarter change to being our Quarterback, something I had not played all season. Unfortunately we did not win this game but the experience alone was incredible, due to having old boys, cheerleaders and a larger audience than usual attend the game, this brought with it an incredible atmosphere. It was in this game that I truly felt that I finally understood how much this game matters at the university level to its players, having given it my everything and seen my teammates do the same, forcing ourselves through injuries and tiredness, to the point referees had to force players to take time out towards the end but coming out smiling after the final whistle even in defeat, I had come into university American football expecting there to be less passion and desire for the game than at senior and national level, that day I was proved wrong".


Beth Eley - Cheerleading

Favourite animal: Giraffe - Favourite crisps: Monster pickled onion

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"My best sporting moment of my year spent while on Cheerleading would be Varsity. The atmosphere was amazing and to feel so supported by Team Christ Church in the snow was an unreal feeling! We smashed the routine and wowed the audience with what we had been working so hard to put together in such a small space of time! The team bonded so much over this routine and how well we did that I believe it made myself and a lot of the other fresher’s feel so much more confident in our own abilities and less nervous about our big comp BCA. The thrill of after a routine goes well and the response from a crowd is an indescribable feeling and the fact that I get that feeling around so many amazing girls who I get to call my team mates is one of the best things about being on Cheerleading".


Charlotte Rouncivell - Swimming

Favourite animal: Lioness - Favourite crisps: Kettle Chips Balsamic Vinegar

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"Although the swim team have not managed to beat our rivals at varsity in the two years I have been here, we got significantly closer this year.  For me, that was more than I could ask for and was so proud to captain the team towards this.  Varsity as a whole makes me very proud to be part of sport at CCCU and both years I have attended the majority of the sports’ competitions throughout the week, supporting the other Christ Church teams.  The feeling of community spirit and shared pride that varsity week provides makes it my best and favourite sporting moment.  Varsity week holds a special place in my heart and probably always will do!"


Chloe Woolaway – Women’s Football

Favourite animal: Penguin - Favourite crisps: Walkers Paprika

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"In my time at Christ Church I have had my fair share of great sporting highlights, but one achievement that has stood out to me so far was back in my first year playing Varsity for the Women’s Football Team. I was given the privilege as a first year to play the whole ninety-minutes of my first ever Varsity game. In that game, I assisted two goals, scored one and was presented as Varsity Player of the Match. As a first year, I had absolutely no idea what to expect, but for the first time ever in that spectacular ninety-minutes of play, I really understood the true meaning of the Christ Church team spirit. This showed to me how much Varsity as a spectacle meant to all these participants playing and to those supporting. After going 1-0 down in the first half, we, as a team battled together to beat UKC 4-1. It was at the end of this game I realized how inspiring it felt to represent my University in a sport I loved playing, whether that be in training, Varsity, BUCS or any other competition." 


Giorgio Michael – Men’s Lacrosse

Favourite Animal: Lion - Favourite Crisps: Prawn Cocktail

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"For me, my best sporting moment at Christ Church so far has to be our Men’s Lacrosse Varsity Match in my second year. On a personal level I achieved goals in the game that I had set for myself and I came away being proud of my performance, but the way we played as a team that night and how we applied ourselves to this game was why this was my best sporting moment. We knew we were the underdogs going in to the game but it didn’t matter to us, we knew if we played the game our way that we would have a chance. The crowd were incredible and everyone played out of their skin but in the end it wasn’t to be, despite the closest varsity game in the club’s history. But putting all that aside, this game epitomised our club and Team Christ Church, because everyone gave everything they had for their teammates and the feeling you get from a performance like that is unique to team sports. That was the proudest I’ve ever been on a sports pitch and it just makes me want to achieve with this great club and University even more."


Jamie Harris – Men’s Cricket

Favourite Animal: Fish - Favourite Crisps: Kettle Chips

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"My best sporting moment by far has to be playing in the 2nd Team Varsity outdoor cricket match vs the University of Kent. After breaking and dislocating my finger during the varsity game in my 1st year (this caused an unpleasant sight for the squeamish haha), I wanted to make up for it in my 2nd year. Being selected as one of the main bowlers in the team this meant the world, not only the pleasure of winning the tight match against our rivals I was really pleased I could contribute to the team by getting 2 wickets. I have never felt so inspired and passionate about a game before. This was the best I have ever felt representing the university and also in a sport that I enjoy playing. This will forever be the best moment I have had the opportunity to play in because of the group success shared among the team and the enjoyment varsity brings."


Lewis Brown – Men’s Hockey

Favourite Animal: Otter - Favourite Crisps: Scampi Fries

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"My best sporting moment at Christ Church would have to be in my first year, I was playing in the Men’s hockey 2nd team at the time. Having only played the sport for about 3 months at this point, I was still fairly new to the skill base, game play and tactics. We had an away match against the Essex 2nd XI and this match turned out to be the turning point for me as a hockey player. I started the game playing on the left wing, a position given to me purely on the fact I’m quick, something clicked for me within the first 5 minutes and I found myself scoring my first league goal, I was ecstatic, I’d never thought I would be scoring with my current skill level, but this gave me a real confidence and was what I needed to get to the next level of my game. That game I ended up scoring 7 goals, it felt amazing, and really was the time that I fell in love with playing hockey and gave me that boost to carry on playing and needing to succeed. At the end of the year I ended up top scorer for the 2nd XI, which helped me now earn my place in the 1st XI squad."


Nikita Purnell – Women’s Rugby

Favourite Animal: Giraffe - Favourite Crisps: Salt & Vinegar

Favourite CCCU Sporting Experience:

"During my time at Christ Church I have been incredibly fortunate to be part of such an incredible team. My most honoured moment of Christ Church sport has to be running out on to the pitch as a starting player in my first varsity match.As I stood there waiting for the game to start I glanced over at the crowed, looked at my team mates; silence fell and the hairs on my arms raised and I knew that everyone not only on the pitch but the supporters too where all there for team Christ Church. In that moment, I felt truly humbled and honoured to have that crest on my chest.More recently I was voted to be President of Women’s rugby, this vote of confidence in me from my team reduced me to tears. It is a role I have imagined doing since joining the team as a fresher. Women’s rugby has changed my life and I have Christ Church to thank for the confident out going person I am today."


Ollie Mentessi – Men’s Football

Favourite Animal: Cat -  Favourite Crisps: Salt & Vinegar Squares

"I would be lying if I said winning varsity in my first year wasn’t my sporting highlight at Christ Church. There have been very few moments that have compared, however, at the Sports Federation dinner in 2017, when the sporting awards were being read out, there was a sense of togetherness that I had never experienced before and never imagined sport could bring a room of students together into one big family. So it goes without saying that, that moment at Sports Fed’ and the whole evening itself, was a special moment, especially as I was able to receive my half colours. However, winning varsity at my first attempt was very special. Before arriving at university I was unaware of the importance of it, but now as a competitor it was a surreal feeling when our team scored the winning goal vs Kent."


"Looking forward to working with this new committee and having a successful sporting year - BRING IT ON!"




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