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Summer Ball Statement

Summer Ball Statement 15/3/2019

Christ Church Students’ Union is a registered charity and as such we have to ensure that we enhance students’ experiences whilst always demonstrating value for money.  It is for this reason that we will not be organising a 2019 Summer Ball.

Students’ finances, the shortening of the academic year, and the space constraints at Christ Church have all had an impact.  The Summer Ball costs a minimum of £60,000 per year to put on but we have found it increasingly difficult to meet expectations and break even on the event.

We always strive to make the Ball an event that students want to attend, one that can hold its own against other similar events, and one that we, and you, can be proud of. Alas that hasn’t been possible and last year’s event resulted in a £24,000 loss. We would love to have bigger acts or make ticket prices cheaper but none of those options are viable with the Ball in its current form.

We know some of you will be disappointed with this decision but we hope you understand our position in that we can’t subsidise a one-off event that would have a detrimental effect on the funding of the other SU services you care about.

Christ Church Students' Union

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