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Which housemate are you?

It’s accommodation hunting time, and getting the right place is critical. The Housing Fair is on Friday 6th December (Click for the event) but did you ever consider who your housemates might be? What are they like? What are you like? 

We thought it would be fun to list a few of the types we have lived with. Recognise anyone or, are you listed below?  


The Chef:

Always something on the go; but is it for you? 


The Nom Moocher:

The one who raids the fridge! Or anywhere with food. 


The Cleaner:

Even if it’s tidy.


The Messy One:

I will clean it up later...


The Noisy One:

Sorry, where you asleep?


The Possessive One:

Yeah, no. That’s mine.


The Ghost:

Are we sure that housemate actually exists?


The Early Bird:

Always up and ready to go….


The Night Owl:

It’s dark, it’s time to wake up.


The Passive Aggressive:

Well, if you feel that way about this post...


The Gossip:

We pretend we don’t like it, but we always listen.


Come along to the Housing Fair on 6th December 11am - 2pm at The Lounge, Canterbury.

• Find accommodation and housemates.

• Housing support and advice.

• Meet Home Stamp registered accommodation providers.

• And meet your university's accommodation team!

• There's also freebies! 


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