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Who are the 'Sabbs'?

Sabbs, Sabbatical Officers, SU Presidents... If you're about to start at Canterbury Christ Church University then you will no doubt have heard these words mentioned but probably not know what or who they are referring to - so let's fill you in.

The Students’ Union is a democratic and charitable organisation, that works independently from the university, to represent and support students. Every year, four full-time Presidents, AKA the Sabbatical Officers, are elected in to help steer the union as trustees and representatives in order to direct how the SU is organised and ensure the voice of the student body is heard.

These are:

Becky, Beth, Maddy and Nathan are looking forward to welcoming you in September, and now you know who they are, don't be a stanger. Give them a socially-distanced "hello" when you see them and add them on Facebook.

Sabbatical Officers

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