Christ Church Legends Return

Never Forget Where You're Coming From

Every year Christ Church Students' Union elects students to take a full time sabbatical role at the SU and this goes back all the way to our formation in 1962. We're very proud of our 'ex-sabbs' and were extremely happy that on Saturday 29th June 2019 a reunion was held and we were joined by former officers dating from as far back at 1995.

(L-R) Joe Cooper (2001-02), Tony Payne (1997-98), Phil Kloppenborg (2018-20), Biba Chuta (2016-18), Jamie Harris (2018-20), Liam Daley (2004-05), Charlotte Moore (2013-14), James Dunn (2004-05), Becky Thomson (2019-20), Rob Thorburn (2006-07), Edward De Sousa (1998-99), Stephen McAuliffe (1998-99), Gary Devlin (2005-06), Rama Thirunamachandran (Vice-Chancellor), Matt Wynter (2001-02), Richard Budden (2004-06), John Shippey (2002-03), Michael Wigg (2004-06), Kris Parker (2003-04), Graeme Wise (2003-04), Ian Blackmore (1997-98), Steve Godwin (2009-11).

For many it was the first time they'd returned to Christ Church since their year in office finished, but whilst much of the Uni has changed, such as the addition of Augustine House and changes on campus, it was clear that the Christ Church they know and love is still here.

It was apt that the day started in the former SU building, now Maxwell Davies, which was home to CCSU from 1985 to 2012. Phil Kloppenborg, current SU President, Jamie Harris, current President (Wellbeing), Chloe Woolaway, President (Sports & Engagement) and Ben MacPhee, CEO, presented on how CCSU has developed over the years along with our plans for the future. This was followed by breakout sessions on various topics, gleaning information and advice from the huge wealth of experience held by the alumni.

After a tour of campus and a Q&A reception with the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Rama Thirunamachandran, at Augustine House, it was off to the Lounge for socialising and reminiscing.

It's been 14 years since our last Sabb Reunion so let's not leave it so long until next time and remember... never forget where you're coming from.