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Creative Writing Society

Do you write stories, poetry, scripts, song lyrics, fiction of all shapes, sizes and styles?

Well then, Welcome!

The Creative Writing Society is the place for you to be! Our society meets every Wednesday from 2-4pm. You don't have to attend every session if you don't want to, just come when you are able to, and when you feel like it.

Throughout the year, the Creative Writing Society explore a wide range of writing styles and techniques, from traditional fiction writing, to different types of poetry, script writing and much more! Not only do we look at how to write, we explore the key components to good writing, such as character and world building, how to write for certain genres and we  are alwaysopen to suggestions on what you wish to look at.

Through all this, there is the opportunity for you to share your work with the rest of the group. To put forward problems or ideas, to get feedback on your work, and get help from other writers, who may have experienced the same writing problems as you! Our sessions are flexible and can be tailored around what you need or want to do, so if something speific comes up, we can easily cover it in a session. There will even be opportunities for you to run sessions yourself!

Over the last few years, the Creative Writing Society has successfully self-published our own anthologies of short stories, a project which proves that your writing is good enough to see in print and available for publication. We hope to repeat the success of our previous years editions with similar projects that run throughout the year. All this is achieved with as little effort on the writer's part, and is all done within the session - so there is no overlap into your course assignments or study time!

Like any society, we have a social, as we all need a drink every now and then! This year, we hope to run a variety of socials activities at different venues around Canterbury, and of different themes, such as movie nights, attending fairs, cafe meetings and tours aroung canterbury. Obviously we like you to put forwards other options you wish to do for a social.

We hope to be seeing you soon and meeting the future authors of our time.

Thank you.


Twitter: @cwccsu1 



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