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A Village in Syria Society

  • our remit is to alleviate poverty
  • we can work with Syrian refugees - wherever they are - not necessarily in Syria
  • the security of the village in Syria has been compromised
  • the Trustees have decided to give 50% of our funds to another (similar) charity
  • we will continue working with the village when things quieten down
  • we will be launching a new project, which is to work on an Education, Literacy and Arts Project, working with Firefly International (Turkey)
  •  http://fireflyinternational.org/
  • I will attach an overview of how we propose working together (already out of date) as we are now focusing on a Project to include Crafts as a source of income for teenage girls
  • the common themes of these projects is to empower and re-skill the refugees, almost all of whom are Syrian
  • all this takes money, so fund raising is top of the agenda but other stands may develop
  • it's unlikely (but not impossible) that students could volunteer to work with Firefly in Turkey.


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