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CoppaFeel UBT Society

We want to live in a world where all breast cancers are diagnosed at their earliest stage - giving everyone the best possible chance of surviving the illness. We want to help CoppaFeel! make this vision a reality.

We are the CCCU Uni Boob Team, and we're here to:
- Encourage you to check your boobs regularly
- Educate you on the signs and symptoms of breast cancer 
- Empower you to seek advice from a doctor if symptoms persist.

...And when we're not busy running round campus shouting about boob-checking, we're fundraising to support the life-saving work that CoppaFeel! do. They target young people across the UK, from schools to universities, festival fields and everywhere in between to make sure everyone has the best chance of surviving breast cancer. Please help us by supporting our campaigns on and off campus, and by donating to our fundraising page at Then go and check your boobs!


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