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The Gastro Hub Enterprise Society

The Gastro Hub aims to connect people through sustainable food, cooking, conversation and experiential communal dining experiences. Our overall mission is to reduce food waste and carbon emissions by preventing surplus food from going to landfill, through a student-led infrastructure to divert and transform this food into delicious and nutritious meals!

Our mission is to transform food industry surplus into community feasts!

We believe that preparing and sharing food with strangers is a great way to create cohesion and bring together people from different walks of life and abilities within the community. 

The social enterprise will blend a team of volunteers; eclectic mix of surplus ingredients and an experimental kitchen to create "Pay as You Feel' meals for the community. We aim to promote healthy eating and provide volunteering and training opportunities for students and local people looking to develop the skills and confidence needed to gain employability and develop life skills.

Our Values: Reduce Food Waste - Connect Communities - Train & Empower

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Twitter: the_gastrohub


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