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Christ Church Student Minds

Christ Church Student Minds is a brand new Mental Health Campaigns Society. This year we will working on a number of campaigns to raise awareness of mental health problems among students.

Now is the perfect time to get involved - why not join and come along! :)

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Our Purpose

The purpose of the Society is “to promote positive mental health and wellbeing among students and to raise awareness of related issues”. This is the "mission statement" for the Society and everything we do should be in some way related to this.

Our Aims for this year

We have up to 5 aims to focus on each year (although that doesn't mean we can't do other stuff too!). For 2016/17, our aims are:

  • To form good working relationships with parent and sibling organisations.
  • To campaign for CCSU and CCCU to sign the Time to Change Employer Pledge.
  • To campaign for a representative on Union Council specifically for Students with Mental Health Problems.
  • To investigate the demand for, and take steps towards establishing, a student-run Nightline listening service in Canterbury.


Our Constitution is available here.


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