Course rep success stories


Name : Hannah Love 
Course studying : Physical Education and Sport and Exercise Science
The problem or comment you received: A few females had proposed the idea of including leggings within the kit selection for practical sessions
How you dealt with this: I took this up with my Programme Director and suggested the idea. The next academic year, the leggings were available which made the uniform more inclusive and gave the girls a sense of unity as they felt their comments were valued.
Name : Emily Rigden
Course : Public health
The problem or comment you recieved : During my short time being a student rep many of my classmates have came up to me and asked for help or general problems that affect them and others. Back in October/November many people in my class were unhappy with a room we were allocated in every week, this was because there was no heating and at the time we were slotted in at 13:00/17:00, which meant as the temperature dropped, learning became hard, due to the cold temperature.
How you dealt with this :To deal with this issue I brought it up at a student rep meeting with all Public Health lectures and at a training session when I was learning about the importance of being a rep. I can't quite remember the gentleman who came in at the end of training, but I am sure he was in charge of Students Union, he assured me that the issue will be looked into, and it was. Within the following weeks the heating was sorted, and learning and teaching could be done to a high level. I updated my fellow classmates each step of the way on our watts app group which I run, and that gave them faith in me for when as issue arises they can come to me and I will speak to as many people as possible for an issue to be sorted and not to give up. As my course has gone along many students value me and my advice, that is how I got voted to be one of the Year one Public Health representatives. From their faith and trust in me I have decided to take another step in helping students, by becoming a peer mentor as well. I believe I would be good asset to peer mentoring due to my fellow classmates coming to me wanting advice. 




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