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Sian West - Women's Volleyball

I have always enjoyed a variety of sports, particularly team games which combine physical activity with the social benefits of being part of a group. I was first involved in the volleyball team when I went to senior school. Initially my involvement was just as part of a school club so it was not something that was very competitive however, began to get more involved as I got older and started to take part in a club outside of school. I was selected to play volleyball for my borough, Havering, and competed in the London Youth Games and so, when I got to university, I knew it was something I wanted to continue with and further develop my skills.

Having been Social Sec last I knew that I wanted to continue being involved with the committee - to help volleyball grow and become a more recognised sport at CCCU. I felt I wanted to carry on this dedication, for the sport, further and so, I decided that, to stand for President would be a great opportunity.

This year I aim to make sure that the level of participation in volleyball continues to grow whilst increasing the level of skill. As well as this, I will ensure everyone has an enjoyable experience whilst being part of the team.