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It's that exciting time of the week again...

Edward Marsh - Men's Hockey 

 I've been playing hockey since the age of 14 and have always loved it, it's definitely my main passion. I played for St.Francis Hockey Club, this is a small club in my home town of Haywards Heath.

I've been at Christ church for 4 years now because I 'accidentally' failed a year. I study sport and exercise science with the view to have a career in the world of nutrition and physiology. My main ambition for after uni is to go abroad to Australia to play hockey and potentially further my experience in those fields of study. For the last 3 years at uni I have managed to attend every single social and play in the bucs fixtures every Wednesday. I started off in the 2nd team but my commitment and effort and progress were recognised which awarded me my place in the 1st team for which I've been playing in for the last 2 years. I'm a member of the 2nd team at Canterbury Hockey Club as well. My favourite phrase to say to an umpire when they've made an awful decision is 'THAT IS AN OUTRAGEOUS LIE'. What I want to achieve for men's hockey this year is two league wins, two varsity wins and at least two successful charity events, with the goal to raise at least 300 pounds.