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President of the Week!

So guys, it's that exciting time of the week again! Who will it be?

Alex Riseley - Badminton

I’ve been playing Badminton since I was 11 years old for my school back home in Essex as well as a local club. My passion for the sport has grown over that time and was enthusiastic to get involved with the team at Christ Church.


I’ve been at CCCU for three years now studying accounting and have been part of Badminton since I started. When I joined the Badminton Club at Christ Church I was keen to play competitively against local teams as well as other universities in the BUCS league, as well as making the most of the social side of the sport. During my second year I was social sec for the club and then decided to go for president in my final year.


I’m really passionate about making sure that everyone enjoys their year as well as boosting our performance in the league! We have plenty of new talented members that have signed up and a more structured training session with improved team coaching. Hopefully this combination will enable us to win more matches and climb higher in both leagues.


I’d like to do more fundraising over the year and maybe a night out in the next term to raise a considerable amount for charity. Throughout this year I’d like to improve my own performance as well as the rest of the team. I’d like us to win Varsity, as it’s been three years since we won last, it would be a great way to round off the year!