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Joe Henley - Futsal

Even from a very early age, I have always enjoyed playing multiple sports. I was the annoying kid at school that took P.E lessons as seriously as the Olympics and would often turn up to class late after playing “last goal wins” in the playground. Whether it was football, athletics or even dance I would always thoroughly enjoy taking part in the lessons. These early years’ experiences have had a major effect on me as I would now like to take my passion and pass it on to others by becoming a P.E teacher.

Before coming to University I had never actually played Futsal. Like many other football players, I have played smaller versions of the 11 aside game but Futsal didn’t seem to be accessible to me.  After taking part in the trials in my first year, I was keen to continue to play Futsal at Uni, whether it was for the Uni team or in the PlaySport leagues.  Thankfully, I was asked to join the team and it was the best thing I have ever done at CCCU to date.

With Futsal only being in its 5th year at CCCU we are still a relatively small and developing sport. Year on year we have improved on the quality of the team and we are starting to become very competitive. Last year we finished 3rd in a league which we were unlucky not to win and 7th out of the 30 ChristChurch teams in terms of BUCS points gained!

My main aspirations for the team are to continue developing it in terms of popularity and quality. Ideally, I would love to win the league before my time at ChristChurch is over and put the wheels in motion to have 2 competitive teams playing for CCCU. I am extremely proud to represent Futsal and CCCU and can’t wait to see what the future holds for this dynamic team.