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George Davey - Trampolining

Before coming to Christ Church I had never taken Trampolining seriously, it had only ever been in secondary school having a taster session for it, or messing around on a garden Trampoline. So before joining the team in 2015 I didn’t really have much of a passion for it. But coming to university is all about trying as many different experiences as you can, and Trampolining was something that I saw as a challenge that I could get my teeth into.

Back in 2014 when I first tried out for the team, I wasn’t good enough to join, but was invited to come along to the playsport sessions. I took advantage of these sessions as they were only £1 a time to go along and improve my skills in order to potentially get onto the team the following year. This did the trick as I joined the team in 2015. Since then, we won our annual varsity competition pretty convincingly, 38-14, and I managed to place 7th in the country in my category, at the BUCS event up in Sheffield.

My primary objective having been elected as the president of Trampolining this year, is to make sure that everyone is having a good time at university, not just within the team but also outside of training and competitions. So it’s not just the competitive side of the sport which I enjoy but the social side too.

The main aims that I want to achieve with the team this year is to improve on our BUCS ranking, which is a pretty tough challenge as the team placed 4th in Sheffield this year. Also another aim is to get the team to more competitions as previously they have only taken part in the Varsity event and BUCS, which is one competition that runs for one weekend. This is slowly being achieved by entering the SUTL competitions this year.