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Evie Heard - Equestrian

Like a lot of little girls, I grew up wanting to be a fairy princess riding a unicorn... Unfortunately, in reality this isn't an achievable goal, so the best my parents could do was to offer horse riding lessons (and princess costumes). Growing up I wasn't graced with balance or coordination, and so sports lessons at school were something I tried my best to avoid. Because of this I've never considered myself an athlete, however since joining Christ Church I've realised there's more to being a sports person than ability. Attributes like team work, perseverance and the confidence to take risks, all add up to make me the sports person I am today.

Since joining the Equestrian Team I've felt like part of a horsey family, that I know I'll belong to forever. I was lucky enough to be voted in as social secretary within my first term at Christ Church, a symbol of my dedication and enthusiasm. This role only encouraged me to take on more leadership roles at university and to bring more to the team. This year (after a year away on Erasmus in Sweden) I was nominated as President. I think overall equestrianism has a stigma for being a “posh snobby sport”, and so my main goal as president is to debunk this myth and increase the reputation of the team within the wider C4 community. By working hard at increasing our social media presence I hope to prove that the Equestrian Team is an all-encompassing team, we provide for any level of rider: beginner to professional, with other opportunities available such as BUCS, Varsity, horseball and mounted games.