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President (Sports) Blog

Canterbury Varsity 2017

Wow! What an incredible week of sporting excellence! This week really gives Sport the recognition that it truly deserves. 

It was amazing to see each and every competitor give everything on the pitch and I could not be any prouder of Team Christ Church. 

I would like to thank all the staff and everyone involved for their hard work to create such a successful event. Unified for the amazing coverage! And to all players and spectators supporting the LGBT+ theme and raising money for Stonewall. 

So, the finals scores on the doors were:


Thursday 9th February 
Swimming - Kent (122-76)

Friday 10th February 
Women's Lacrosse - Kent (31-1)
Men's Lacrosse - Kent (11-5)
Women's Football - CCCU (3-1 penalties)
Men's Football - Kent (3-2)

Saturday 11th February 
Women's Badminton - Kent
Men's Badminton - Kent
Parkrun - Trial Event
Women's Volleyball - Kent (3-0)
Men's Volleyball - Kent (3-0)
Women's Basketball - CCCU (61-51)
Men's Basketball - Kent (63-62)

Sunday 12th February 
Jiu Jitsu - CCCU
Netball 4's - Kent (44-9)
Netball 3's - Kent (44-29)
Netball 2's - CCCU (33-28)
Netball 1's - Kent (41-36)

Monday 13th February 
Men's Tennis 2's - Kent
Men's Football 4's - Kent (4-3)
Women's Hockey 2's - Kent (2-0)
Women's Tennis - Kent
Men's Football 3's - CCCU (3-1)
Men's Hockey 2's - CCCU (2-1)
Men's Football 2's - CCCU (3-0)
Women's Hockey 1's - CCCU (2-1)
Men's Tennis 1's - CCCU
Men's Hockey 1's - CCCU (5-1)

Tuesday 14th February 
Equestrian - Kent (41-30)
Men's Rugby 3's - Kent (38-7)
Snow Sports - Kent
Men's Rugby 2's - Kent (36-5)

Wednesday 15th February 
Women's Indoor Cricket - Kent
Men's Indoor Cricket 2's - CCCU
Men's Indoor Cricket 1's - CCCU
Women's Rugby 1's - CCCU (37-0)
Men's Rugby 1's - CCCU (22-19)

UKC 21-14 CCCU

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