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My First 6 Weeks!

Nick BeardHi everyone! Nick Beard here, your President (Student Activities) for 2016/17.

I can't believe I've been in this post for 6 weeks now so I thought I'd give you an update on some of the main things I’ve been working on over this time.

NUS Training

Having just finished my studies I've attended various training conferences run by the National Union of Students (NUS) in Liverpool, Leeds and Hertfordshire. Not only did I learn a lot but it was also a great opportunity to network with Sabbatical officers from universities all around the UK.


Did you know that around 1000 students belong to a society at Christ Church and that we have over 60 societies? They're pretty impressive numbers and this summer I've been meeting and talking with the new committees and planning for the year ahead.

I also created a new Activities Executive Committee which will mirror the Sports Executive Committee and allow greater student input into how Student Activities are run... onwards and upwards!

Student Media

I had the change to take part on the Freshers' Friday show on CSR FM, our radio station, and spoke about all the opportunities students can get involved in. You can listen to the show now.

I'm keen on getting the student newspaper UNIfied back running this year and have been working to get positions filled. We already have some keen students involved but I want more involvement so that we can really make this work.


We have some amazing students at Christ Church who raise thousands every year for charity. I've met with the Challenges Abroad charity and agreed to organise trips with our students to Cambodia and Kilimanjaro.

I'm also attending the Raise and Give (RAG) conference in Hertfordshire which is another chance to speak with further charities and also chat to other students' union officers and bring back some great fundraising ideas.

Keep In Touch

If you want to get in touch then feel free to email me on, friend me on Facebook or come in and chat.


President (Student Activities) 2016/17


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