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10 Things You Really Need for Uni

Moving out for university can be a stressful time. Between applying for finance, sorting out your accommodation and planning your costumes for Fresher’s Week, finding the time to pack can seem nearly impossible. We’re helping you save time and have put together a list of the top 10 things you really need to pack for uni to make your uni life a whole lot easier.


1. Backpack

As you’re going to be using it everyday to carry around your textbooks, your lunch and your laptop, a backpack is essential. While wearing a shoulder bag is often appealing, they can put too much weight on one shoulder, causing muscle tightness, back ache, neck pain and headaches.


If you’re willing to invest, we recommend Swedish brand Fjällräven. Environmentally friendly and sustainable (made out of 11 plastic bottles), it features useful pockets, space to fit a laptop and comes in a variety of pretty colours. The catch: they aren’t cheap. £65 from Cotswold Outdoors may seem like it’s breaking the bank, however this isn’t much to spend for 3 years of pain-free education.

If you can’t afford to spend quite that much, here are our favourite picks for rucksacks:

(Left) Accessorize’s stunning watercolour print backpack is super-versatile, featuring a front zip pocket, adjustable straps to maximise comfort and plenty of room for all your daily must-haves (and maybe a cat). Now £25.60

(Right) This fashionable rucksack comes in several different colours from Topman for just £16


2. Personal organiser

There’s so much to do when you start uni. There’s societies and socials, meeting new friends and housemates, event nights and exam deadlines. With so much going on, you need a way to keep organised. With sections for calendar, shopping lists, to do lists, weekly budgets and important dates, you’ll be able to keep track of your commitments and hopefully keep your uni life a stress-free one. Did you know that staring at your phone for too long can cause tiredness and exhaustion. A physical diary helps keep track of your life without looking at your phone. So the less time you spend staring at your phone, the healthier you’ll be and the easier uni will be!


Wilko does a pretty and cheap organiser for £5.


3. Personal alarm

Keep safe out and about with a security alarm. If you feel threatened or somebody approaches you, a safety alarm can alert others to your danger- and hopefully deter any unwanted advances! Operating is as simple as pulling out a bolt. Check out our Uni SafeZone app for hints and tips on staying safe at uni.


Grab 2 alarms for £7.99 on Amazon- one for you and one for a friend.



4. Alarm clock

Late to the lecture? An afternoon nap turned into sleeping through your housemate’s birthday night out? No access to your Alarm Clock app because your phone is out of charge? Never miss a thing with your own alarm clock.

Top tip: keep your phone turned off at night, as looking at your screen late at night and early in the morning can stop you from falling asleep and cause anxiety in the morning- another reason to use an alarm clock!


Double as a fashion accessory with a retro alarm clock, available for £11.99 from Argos.



5. Tupperware

Save on time and money with some handy tupperware. Cook a large portion of your fave food on Sunday night, then refrigerate or freeze. There will always be a meal ready to eat when you get home (no more forking out on a £20 too-lazy-to-cook Dominos Tuesday) and your food will never go to waste.



8 pack of microwavable tupperware containers for £1 from Poundland.



6. Cold and flu medicine

One thing that happens to every student when they start uni? Fresher’s Flu. It’s that unavoidable fact of life. Be fully prepared and bring paracetamol and flu medicines with you from home when you arrive. Just experienced that first flu symptom? First Defence nasal spray can help stop the cold before the systems get any worse.



Don’t let the flu ruin Fresher’s Week- Vicks First Defence nasal spray is available from Boots for £6.55.



7. Photos

Student landlords can be really strict about wall decoration, however most allow photos on pinboards. So be prepared and come with photos of your friends and family back home. They’ll brighten up your room and remind you of your loved ones when you need some home comforts. Remember to take lots of photos with your housemates too- you’ll treasure these photos forever!


Brighten up your room with happy memories in this Triple Heart Frame, sold in The Range for £7.99.


8. Pack of playing cards

Playing cards are a great way of breaking the ice with your new housemates. Host a games evening and take turns choosing your favourite games.




Pick up a pack of Waddingtons Number 1 Playing Cards from Sainsbury’s for £1.50


9. Student cookbook

For the first time, you now have to cook your own food. Feeling a bit scared of the prospect? Invest in a good student cookbook. There are so many to choose from with quick, simple, cheap and healthy recipes to inspire you in the kitchen. Why don’t you host Come Dine with Me evenings, taking turns to cook with all of your new housemates. Fajitas, anyone?


Keep an eye out in Waterstones for this fantastic student cookbook, perfect for cooking newbies, available to buy for £8.99 in high street stores.



10. Voice Recorder

Voice recorders are a must-have accessory for all lectures. With the permission of you lecturer, put your digital voice recorder at the front of your lecture hall, press record and you’ll have the entirety of the lecture recorded to listen to whenever you want, whether it’s to revise from, catching up on after an accidental snooze or because there was so much important contact that you couldn’t possibly get it written all down. Plus, with a digital voice recorder instead of an App, you won’t be filling up your entire iPhone storage with ‘Orientation to Higher Education’ snippets.


Invest in a digital voice recorder for £21.99 from Currys, designed to last your whole three years at uni.


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