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10 Most Instagrammable Spots On Canterbury Campus

Walking onto Canterbury campus, the first thing you notice is just how stunning Canterbury Christ Church University is. We're a city campus, yet walking into the university, you forget that almost immediately. With it's beautiful architecture, lovely green areas and beautiful gardens, we didn't want to miss the opportunity to give you a tour of the most aesthetic areas on campus, in case you need some Insta content inspo. We found a few willing CCCU students, took them on a photoshoot across campus and here are the social media-worthy resulting photos.


1) Lights, camera, caravan!

MODELS: Lauren Masser and Bryony Shaw

Why is there a random caravan on North Holmes Road campus? Who cares? What we do know is that it's totally cute and the perfect backdrop for those it's-a-lovely-summer's-day-and-I-need-the-world-to-know moments (or any moment really).


2) Walk in the Sun 

MODEL: Alex Clifford

All you need to do is look around to see Christ Church's many green spots. The walkway beside Laud is just one of them. Catch it at the right time, e.g. with plenty of sunlight and you'll have the most Insta-perfect photo in the world.


3) Beautiful architecture

MODELS: Lauren Masser and Bryony Shaw

Colleridge House is an example of some of the beautiful architecture that has been preserved at CCCU. Can you believe we actually have lectures in this stunning building? The lawn in front of it is the perfect place to spend some time relaxing. It's also so beautiful that it'd be sad to miss the opportunity to take an Instagram-worthy photo of it. We're absolutely loving how aesthetically pleasing this window and plant pot is.


4) Wake up and smell the roses

MODEL: Hadley Chick

What better way to show the world you love nature than by taking a cheeky snap smelling our beautiful campus roses near the pond. Grounds and Gardens worked really hard to make them thrive like this, so go on, help show it off!


5) Hidden Arches

MODEL: Alex Clifford

One of Christ Church's lesser known secrets, you can find this arch near to Johnson, leading to Johnson's Physic Garden. Though most of Christ Church's buildings were built in the last 100 years, it reminds us just how old the Christ Church site actually is. It's like stepping back in time, except you still have your phone. And Wifi to post the photo online.


6) Lady Wootten's Green

MODELS: Lauren Masser and Bryony Shaw

Not actually on campus but near it, you can find this statue on Lady Wootten's Green, just outside the Postern gate. With a lawn, beautiful flowers and the stunning architecture of the King's School in the background, it's a must-go-to photo spot.


7) Invicta Garden

MODEL: Alex Clifford

This lovely green space can be found near Invicta building. You may not have many opportunities to walk through it, but if you take the time to explore, we can guarantee that you'll love this little gem. It's also the perfect place to take some time out and read that book you've been meaning to read.


8) Anselm Lawn


MODEL: Hadley Chick

You'll most likely walk past the Anselm Lawn most days on the way to lectures. Standing among the plants and flowers, hair waving in the wind, you'll look like the most chilled out person on campus to all of your Insta followers.


9) Old Sessions House

MODEL: Megan Dornan

It's a classic Christ Church I've-just-graduated Boomerang background. Pretty much a right of passage, Christ Church students of all ages and courses post a photo here on their Insta to celebrate handing in their dissertation, finishing their degree, graduating or any moment they are feeling very, very lucky to be a Christ Church student. Say cheese.


10) Giant Deckchair at the Pond

MODEL: Phil Kloppenborg

We know we've included a few snaps of the pond courtyard, but our giant deckchair really is amazingly instagrammable!



Inspired to find these places and do a photoshoot yourself? Navigate across each place on campus with this handy map. Tag us on social media @christchurch su on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so we can see all your glamorous photos.




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