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10 reasons to join a sport or society at uni

The easiest way to make friends and get involved at University is to have something in common, whether that's musical taste, a sport, sharing a faith or just a way of life.

Coming to University isn’t just about getting qualifications, it’s about having fun and clubs and societies are a great way to do this. Here are our ten reasons why you should join a club or society this October.


1. Meet new friends

Joining a sport or society is a super-easy way to make new friends. Come along with an open mind, say hello to everyone and before you know it, you’ll have people to eat food with, watch movies with and have an amazing time with while at Christ Church. Chances are, you could be friends with some of the people from sports or societies for life.

Make new friends at Creative Writing society


2. Physical fitness

Joining a sport team, and some societies, will do wonders for your physical fitness. Being active can help you lose weight, lower the risk of disease, raise your self-esteem, help you sleep better and help you generally feed good. We have so many different sports you can get involved with, including American Football, Boxing and Hockey.

Have you thought of joining Pole Fitness?


3. Mental health

Joining a club or society can also be incredibly influential on your mental health. They can help release stress, give you the opportunity to meet new people, help you feel included in the community, give you an increased sense of confidence and provide a great distraction from the stresses of academic life. Regardless of your reasons for joining, we can pretty much guarantee that getting involved in a society will put a big smile on your face.

Fun fact: Swimming is a great club to be part of.


4. Fun

Clubs and societies are so much fun. You'll be taking part in club and society-related activities, laughing and giggling while having so, so, so much fun.

Did you know that CCSU has a Dungeons and Dragons society?


5. Leadership experience

When you get more involved, you'll have the opportunity to nominate yourself to be a member of a committee. Committees are the students who are responsible for organising the clubs/ societies. You can also run for exec committees- these are the students who work with the Union sabbatical officers to decide how clubs and societies are run. You'll get a hand at organising and being a leader and this looks great on job applications.

Why not try your hand at Kayaking when you start uni?


6. Travel

Joining a club or society can be a great excuse to go travelling. Whether that's a day trip related to your society, a visit to a convention or a Club Tour holiday, you may find yourself out of Canterbury experiencing new environments and cultures- perhaps even lying on the beach with all your besties!

Do you study/ have an interest in Psychology? You could join Psysoc in October.


7. New hobby

Joining a club or society gives you the opportunity to try something new- and maybe even find a hobby you absolutely love! Also, don't be afraid to try more than one club/ society. Come along to Freshers' Fayre, see all we have to offer, sign up to get involved in everything you think looks interesting and give them a go at a taster session. What's the worst that can happen? You could discover one or two activities that you absolutely love and that could completely change your life... forever.

Give Climbing a go when you start at CCCU.



8. It's cheap

You know what's so great about our clubs and societies? They don't cost a fortune. The price of our clubs and societies vary depending on activities involved, equipment/ clothing needed and how much travel you required. Regardless of the price, our clubs and societies are totally affordable and a real value for money. You can get involved, money-fear free.

If you love video games and area a sports fan, come along and try out eSports Society.


9. Be part of the CCCU community

What's so great being part of Christ Church Guild of Societies or Team Christ Church? You'll be part of a real community. You'll have the opportunity to spend time with members of both your sports clubs/ societies and others. We have sports nights and societies events you can get involved with, club tour holidays and towards the end of the academic year, we host the Sports Federation Dinner and Student Opportunities Awards, celebrating all you have achieved this year. You'll come away with a personalised t-shirt/ hoodie, many memories and laughs and videos of your group having an amazing time and proving you will be forever a member of Team Christ Church/ Christ Church Guild of Societies.

Ever dreamed of galloping across the Kent countryside? Get involved in the Equestrain club


10. Make lasting memories

You'll only be at CCCU for 3 or 4 years but the memories you make will last forever. You'll remember your society taster, your first social, the giggles you have in your society meets and sports practices, your Christmas dinners, your nights out, your first Sports Fed, your second Opportunities Awards, that night you all supported each other when the going got tough during exams. You'll have the photos and the videos, the tropheys and merch. There'll be highs and lows at university but the one thing you won't forget is taking the leap and joining a sport or society.

Consider yourself as being green? Join Eco Students society and make a difference to the planet.


University is a mad, amazing ride. Let us help you make it the best it can be! Visit our website to have a look at the full list of sports and societies we have on offer. If there’s something you want to do but it's not on the list then why not set up your own?

Get browsing and have the time of your life!


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