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Every Society in a Gif

Still haven't joined a society this year? It's not too late. We've got plenty of societies for you to join- and we've found a gif for each one!


A Capella Society

We sing without instruments. Think Pitch Perfect without all of the competing choirs. We just sing because we love singing. Especially in harmony. And with fun vocal sound effects.

Join A Capella Society here


A Village in Syria

Our aim is to alleviate poverty and empower and re-skill the refugees. We work with Syrian refugees- wherever they are- not necessarily in Syria. All of this takes money, so fundraising is on the top of our agenda.

Join A Village in Syria here


Anime Society

Anime lover? Heard about how awesome Anime films are and want to give them a go? Diehard Spirited Away fan? This one’s for you. We screen the best films and TV shows from the Anime genre and host Saturday night socials with anime related games and food and drinks.

Join Anime Society here


Arts, Crafts & Media Society

Clay, caligraphy, biscuit decorating, henna and origami. These are all things we do as part of ACM. We are a relaxed and friendly society, welcoming all students and relaxing through arts, crafts and media.

Join Arts, Crafts & Media Society here


Christ Church Student Minds

We help you raise awareness of mental health problems and promote positive mental health and wellbeing among students. We host meetings to get to know each other and discuss concerns and socials with food and drinks.

Join Student Minds here


Conservative Society

We provide an environment for political and general discussion at CCCU, working closely with the Canterbury Conservative Association to provide our members with regular opportunities to attend party events and get togethers.

Join Conservative Society here


CoppaFeel UBT Society

We want to live in a world where all breast cancers are diagnosed at their earliest stage - giving everyone the best possible chance of surviving the illness. When we're not busy running round campus shouting about boob-checking, we're fundraising to support the life-saving work that CoppaFeel! do.

Join CoppaFeel UBT Society here


Creative Writing Society

Novelist? Poet? Songwriter? Screenwriter? Playwright? Eternally writers blocked? We welcome writers of all kinds to join us every Wednesday from 2-4pm. We explore a wide range of writing styles and techniques and run a variety of socials activities at different venues around Canterbury.

Join Creative Writing Society here



We are looking for the next Nick Grimshaw. Could you be the IT we are looking for? CSR FM provides students with the opportunity to make their voice heard in the city whilst ensuring there is a fresh sounding radio station that caters precisely for the needs of students and individuals.

Join CSR here


Disney Appreciation Society

We adore Disney. We eat, sleep and breath all things Walt. We are the Disney Appreciate Society. We organise weekly Disney-fied socials, host Mickey-themed charity events (think Madhatters Tea Parties and Sing-along movie nights) and are planning a trip to DISNEYLAND PARIS in Summer 2019! If this sounds like your thing then join, join, JOIN!

Join Disney Appreciation Society here


Doctor Who Appreciation Society

There’s a lot of things you need to get across this universe. Warp drive… wormhole refractors… You know the thing you need most of all? Doctor Who Appreciation Society! A society created by and for the Whovians of CCCU and open to everyone. Join us for episode viewings, quizzes, conventions and more!

Join Doctor Who Appreciation Society here


Drama Society

All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed. Apart from the Drama Society, who rehearse, rehearse and have FUN! Whether you want to shine centre stage, take a background role or do the magic that is backstage and tech, we have a role for everyone in our two yearly productions. We work hard but it pays off- as well as rehearsals we meet on a Friday for improv games and tomfoolery.

Join Drama Society here


Dungeons and Dragons Society

We are a group of students passionate about Dungeons and Dragons, the world's greatest roleplaying game. We run fun and engaging games for experienced players and newbies alike. Whether you want to start your own game, or join an existing one, we have a campaign for you. Let the dragon hunt begin!

Join Dungeons and Dragons here


Eco Students Society

We’re here to make a difference. We believe students can help make big changes, so we’re inviting you to help us on our mission to ensure the planet is protected for years (and years and years and years) to come. 

Join Eco Students Society here


eSports Society

We are a society for everyone who enjoys competitive gaming, whether they're playing or watching it. If you're a casual gamer, no problem- you're still welcome to join if you play games as a hobby.

Join eSports Society here


Feminist Society

We are a group of Intersectional Feminists striving towards equality for all. We have socials twice weekly and each month we host Feminism 101 meetings to learn, discuss and debate over all topics regarding Feminism. 

Join Feminist Society here


Harry Potter Society

Still waiting for that all important letter from Dumbeldore to go to Hogwarts? The Harry Potter Society here at Christ Church is the next best thing!

Get sorted into your house in our very own sorting cermoney (complete with sorting hat and feast) and compete for house points throughout the year to win the house cup! You can join our Quidditch team The Canterbury Comets, learn to make your own howlers, wands, broomsticks, potions and more!

Join Harry Potter Society here


History Society

The History Society brings together not only history students but all those who have an interest in history and strives to allow its members to enjoy learning more about history in an enjoyable way outside of the classroom!

Join History Society here


Labour Society

We are a society for organising local campaigning, events and occasional meetings. We also hope to be attending national events as a student society.

Join Labour Society here


Law and Mooting Society

We are open to all Law, ‘Law with’, and Legal Studies students, as well as anyone with an especial interest in law. We host regular networking events, training opportunities and invites to socials and other exciting activities. We provide students with various academic and employability opportunities to develop upon their skillset, whist still having fun and integrating all three year groups in the meantime.

Join Law and Mooting Society here


LGBT+ Society

We are a 'safe space' society where we celebrate being part of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Other community (including those who don't necessarily fit into a typical LGBT identity and is inclusive of our straight allies) and support one another. The Society is a safe and friendly environment in which students can come together without fear of being judged for being different. The best part about our Society is that we’re more like a family- we’re different people from different places who have come together to make new friends and are willing to help whenever we can and just have a good time.

Join LGBT+ Society here


Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats Society is the place to be for students who are either Liberal Democrat members or students (and staff) who sympathise with Liberal Democrat Values. Help boost the society across campus and get involved with campaigning, events, debates with other political party societys etc

Join Liberal Democrats Society here


Mature Students Society

We aim to bring mature students in years and/or attitude together, to create a pool of email addresses and mobile numbers so mature students can have and enjoy a social life whilst at university and avoid feeling in the minority, isolated or alienated.

Join Mature Students Society here


Medieval Combat Society

Form up recruits! Are you ready to learn how to swing a sword without taking your own head off? Passionate about the medieval era? A fan of armed and armored sword play? Or just looking for an interesting new hobby? If you answered yes to one or more of those questions, then congratulations! Consider yourself successfully recruited, and we expect to see you at the society promptly. 

Join Medieval Combat Society here

Midwifery Society

MidSoc aims to unite Midwifery students across all cohorts from Medway and Canterbury campuses, as well as any other students interested in learning more about the art and science of midwifery practice. We host study days with guest speakers from all areas of the profession, organise trips to conferences and other places of interest, and raise money for related charities.

Join MidSoc here


Music Society

Music Society is open to any student with a passion for music, be it classical, jazz, country, or pop. We offer members the experience of playing in various ensembles, no matter their standard, and we offer the foundations for any size of ensemble. 

Join Music Society here


Musical Theatre Society

Enjoy performing Musical Theatre? This is the society for you. We're a bunch of musical obsessed university students who love to sing and dance.

Join Musical Theatre Society here


Nepalese Society

We are here to represent all the Nepalese students studying at Christ Church. We also celebrate out Nepali culture and traditions, bringing all the Nepalis and non-Nepalis students together to create a diverse and supportive society. WE openly welcome all university members to join us.

Join Nepalese Society here


Palestinian Solidarity Society

We are a newly formed society this year. Our goal is to raise awareness about the current conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Join Palestinian Solidarity Society here


Paramedic Society

If you are part of (but not limited to) the paramedic profession and pre-hospital care, this is a society for you. Our mission is to provide continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities for health and social care students by offering a range of events & talks on a variety of different healthcare topics. 

Join Paramedic Society here


Performance Society

We are a new society, set up for people who just love to perform no matter what your choice of degree is here at Christ Church. We put on three shows a year and you can guarantee that you will see yourself grow and step out of your comfort zone if you want to throughout the year.

Join Performance Society here


Politics Society

Politics Society is a place for all to come share your views and explore the world of politics with us. It doesn’t matter if you don’t study anything political and would just like to improve your understanding or live and breathe politics and want to engage in healthy debate. 

Join Politics Society here


Pool & Snooker Society

We are the Pool and Snooker Society and everyone is welcome to join regardless of experience. We play and coach pool and snooker, host regular tournaments for members and external players and, most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Join Pool & Snooker Society here



PsySoc is the place for anyone who takes an interest in psychology. Whether you study the subject or something completely different, PsySoc can offer you a way to enhance your knowledge and meet like minded people. We hold different events, both educational and social, throughout the year and have loads of fun.

Join PsySoc here


Science Society

Science used to be a taboo word - but not anymore! Get involved to discover the interesting nature of Science in the world around you. Whether you study science or not, this society aims to enable you to learn more about the community, the area and the people at Christ Church whilst having fun.

Join Science Society here


Self Defence and Wellbeing Society

If you want to feel a bit safer on a Friday night, learn some useful skills or simply have some fun, come along and get involved with our friendly and fun group and learn how to defend yourself.

Join Self Defence & Wellbeing Society here


Show Choir Society

We are a group of people who love to sing. We sing songs from all different genres, from pop and rock to country and musicals. We perform in venues all over Canterbury and fundraise for charities at every show. No matter your ability, our society wants people who love to sing and perform. 

Join Show Choir Society here


Spanish Society

We represent all Spanish students studying at Canterbury Christ Church University. We've created a community to not only support students through their journey at university, but also to make them feel closer to home by organising social events, trips, nights out, gatherings and much more! We welcome any student with a Spanish/Hispanic heritage or simply interested in the Spanish culture.

Join the Spanish Society here


Trading Card Game Society

Welcome to the CCCU Trading Card Game society (or TCG Soc for short). We welcome any kind of trading card game including Magic: the Gathering, Yu Gi Oh, Pokemon and many more, as well as computer card games.

Join Trading Card Game Society here


UNIfied Society

UNIfied is Christ Church's online student media outlet by students for students. You can write about anything you want (within reason) to fit into categories including news, features, entertainment, culture and sport.

Join UNIfied Society here


Video Gaming & Table Top Society

Video Gaming Society support a broad range of gamers; PC, Console and retro. The society host console nights, tournaments and LAN Parties. Our main games are League of Legends, Minecraft, Super Smash Bros, Halo, Forza, Mario Kart and many more. There will be 2 monthly tournaments as well as events chosen by our members.

Join Video Gaming & Table Top Society here


Zouk Society

Calling all dancers! Whether you are already a pro-dancer or just want to try something new and learn some sassy dance moves to impress on the dance floor; Zouk is the dance for you! We are the only joint society between Christ Church and University of Kent and welcome all abilities. Come along to our weekly classes to transform from an enthusiastic dad dancer to a zouk aficionado.

Join Zouk Society here


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