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Meet the Sabbatical Officers

The Students' Union is run for you, by you, with four full-time officers, also known as Sabbaticals (Sabbs), election to represent and make sure your decision to study at Christ Church is the best decision you have ever made.

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Here is a very cheesy video from the Sabbs telling you about what they do and how they can help you.

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If videos aren't your thing then have a read below and we can't wait to meet you!

Krum Tashev - Union President

Hello I’m Krum, your Union President here at Christ Church Students’ Union.

My role is to represent you to the University and in the community, making sure that your voice is heard and that you have the best student experience.

My main remit is democracy and representation and you can make your voice heard by running and voting in student Elections throughout the year from Student and Faculty Reps to Union Council and Sabbatical Officer elections.

Get involved with your Students’ Union and we’ll help you make the most of your time here at Christ Church.

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Jordan Howard - President (Education & Wellbeing)

Hi I’m Jordan, your President (Education & Wellbeing). I’m here to represent all students on matters related to your education experience and general wellbeing.

You have come to university to get an education - and that education should be the best it can be! By working with the Student Reps on your course and the University, together we can improve your academic life.

As well as education, your wellbeing should be top notch too. You can come and talk to me about any issues you’re having. I have an open door policy so come and find me anytime in the office in Canterbury or at Union on Tour.

And if you need it the Students’ Union has a dedicated Advice Centre to help you out.

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Biba Chuta - President (Sports)

Hi I’m Biba, your President (Sports). I’m responsible for all sport at the Union and I work with the student Sports Executive Committee and Christ Church Sport to deliver the best sporting year for you!

Getting involved in sport and exercise is important for keeping fit and healthy, but you’ll meet a whole new family in Team Christ Church as well as learn new skills. We help you run over 30 competitive sports clubs so there are plenty of opportunities out there. Visit for the whole list.

We compete in Varsity against local rivals the University of Kent each year and celebrate sporting achievements at the end of the year with the Sports Federation Dinner. Make sure you come cand check us out!

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Nick Beard - President (Student Activities)

Hi I’m Nick, your President (Student Activities). I take care of all the Societies here at Christ Church as well as student media, volunteering and fundraising.

Being part of a society can help you settle in, find a common interest and make new friends as well as enhance your employability chances through the opportunities they bring. You can get involved in academic societies that support your studies, showcase your talents in performance or student media, or improve your skills by helping run the society.

Union societies love to get involved in their community, from helping with green projects to collecting books for Africa. Fundraising together with Team Christ Church we raised thousands of pounds for a huge variety of great causes last year.

Get in touch with me about setting up a new society that you are passionate about!

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