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Moving out: Donate and save lives

Your exams are nearly done, you're so close to submitting your final essay and it's that time of year when you start packing up your room, ready for a new adventure next year. However, over the last year, you somehow became a hoarder, collecting books, homeware, appliances, clothes, shoes and bags that you really don't need (or can't fit into your new house).

Instead of throwing your unwanted stuff in the landfill bin, donate to the British Heart Foundation and save lives. Over the years, Universities have generated over £5m from items sold in local British Heart Foundation ships- let's make CCCU one of these universities together.

What can I donate?

You can donate your unwanted clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, books, computer games, CDs, DVDs, electrical items, crockery, cookware and homeware.

Please note British Heart Foundation does not accept food, knives, hangers or dirty and damaged items. No duvets or pillows will be accepted.

How can I donate?

Please place your unwanted items into the bag provided or any other clean bag (bags are being placed in all CCCU accommodation, there may also be spare bags near the donation bins). To ensure items are not damaged or get dirty, please tie each bag so that the contents do not fall out. Once you've tied your bag, bring it to one of the donation bins/ boxes.


Bring your bag for collection to one of the donation bins/ boxes at St George's, Parham Student Village, Vernon Place, City Halls, University House, Pin Hill, Petros and Lanfranc. There are also small wheelie bins by the Photography Hub on North Holmes Road and at St George's Place.


Before you leave! You can donate from now up until you vacate your accommodation.


So what are you waiting for? Get packing and let's start saving lives.