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Sports Fed Dinner 2019

During the evening of Wednesday 3rd April, Christ Church Students' Union hosted its annual Sports Fed Dinner, an opportunity for our sports teams to get together and celebrate another year of sporting achievements. Our students spent the evening in the Margate Winter Gardens, enjoying a three course meal and awards evening hosted by this year’s President (Sports and Engagement) Chloe Woolaway.


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A few words from Chloe year was my first term being your President (Sports and Engagement). I have learnt an immense amount so far in the role, not just about how the Union works, but also about myself. I have positively changed as an individual because of this role and I never knew how much I would love this job until I was fully immersed into it. This year I have made a conscious effort to ensure all sports clubs receive the recognition they deserve and have made sure that all members have my undivided attention. Through this I have built relationships and a mutual respect between many within our sporting community and I can’t wait to continue to build on these in my second term.  

When I came into the role, I wanted to focus on the sports clubs themselves and how they work internally as individual clubs, and externally, within Team Christ Church. By doing this, a main focus of mine has been on the inclusivity surrounding Team Christ Church and ensuring all students feel welcomed to take part and join.

My job has been made so much easier by the fact that I work with you as such passionate, dedicated and talented groups of individuals! The support network that we have within our teams is like no other and I know that I would not be where I am today if it had not been for Team Christ Church.

Below are some of my highlights from my time as President (Sports and Engagement):

  • Re-branded Final Whistle, allowing sports teams to take over every week for their own club/charity fundraisers.
  • Improved on the ‘This Christ Church Girl Can’ Campaign by joining up with Christ Church Sport and students to create street teams and gain more female participation
  • Re-branded the Sports Exec image to Team Christ Church Executive Committee.
  • Implemented Wellbeing Officers into all Sports Clubs and worked with the Wellbeing department to provide them training
  • Worked with Kent Sports Sabb to introduce a new theme for Varsity, which was based around inclusivity, including a disability sport showcase.
  • Attended various charity events and game days/comps to bond with teams and students.
  • Worked with Unified for better coverage for our Sports Clubs.
  • Helped create and start the foundations for a new club, Women’s Futsal.
  • Introduced Pole Fitness into Varsity.
  • Worked with Boxing and Christ Church Sport to secure the club their fourth punching bag.
  • Re-elected into the role for a second term.

... And I still have my second year to come!

None of this would have been possible without the support from you guys, so I thank you all.

Wherever you may go in life, be proud to be from Team Christ Church and our community will always be proud of you. Now let’s celebrate what has been a fantastic year for #TeamChristChurch!


Nominees and Winners

Charity Award

Men’s Rugby (WINNER)


Women's Hockey

Team of the Year

Men's Football 2nd XI (WINNER)

Men's Basketball 

Men's Hockey 2nd XI 

Varsity Award

Women's Basketball (WINNER)

Women's Football

Women's Rugby 

Committee of the Year

American Football (WINNER)

Women's Hockey 

Men's Rugby 

Sports Woman of the Year

Monique Beaumont (WINNER)

Bekka Barrow

Olivia Stevenson 

Sports Man of the Year

Alex Rydon (WINNER)

Jack Wheeler 

Jordan Darran 

Most Improved Club of the Year

Snowsports (WINNER)



Coach of the Year

Maddy Young (WINNER)

Christ Laslett

Dan Smart 

Outstanding Contribution to Sport

Ali Barker (WINNER)

Anastasia Hampson 

Rachel Wilkins

Team Christ Church Executive Award

Austin Foster (WINNER)

No other nominees

Scholar of the Year

Charlie Shingleton (WINNER)

Kimberley Hicks

Alex Miller

Sports Personality of the Year

Will Giltrow (WINNER)

Megan Dornan 

Cam Johnston 

Club of the Year

Pole Fitness (WINNER)

Men's Lacrosse

Women's Hockey 

The Mark Burgess Award for Services to Rugby

Olivia Stevenson (WINNER)

Alex Evans

Morgan Ransley

The Philip Ganly Award

Annabelle Richards (WINNER)

Mudiandambu Kadibu (Ronnie)

Chloe Oakley 



Photos from the awards night are online on Facebook now courtesy of Dhedits


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