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The Lounge - Your Uni Bar

Not too far away from the main Canterbury campus; halfway to the library sits The Lounge. Here you will find some comfy sofas, a bar with plenty of seating, a pool table and a big screen for Sky Sports and other event uses.

There’s also food.

Food, yes food! Grab breakfast from 9am – 12pm or head in for lunch or snack where you will find an interesting choice of burgers and other good value nom noms. There’s also a wide selection of drinks suited for all. Take a peek at the online menu and see what takes your fancy.

A huge selection of events are held here: tea parties, quizzes, games, parties, our local MP will be holding a Q&A in October, the very best of local live music, comedy nights, and a big screen gaming event. (To use a well-worn cliché) - And lots more! Check out The Lounge page for details.

The Lounge is your hangout, come along and have a nose, meet up with friends and make the most of your down time in comfort. There’s also toilets; making it a great stop off between the main campus and library!

The Lounge opening times:

9am - 11:30pm Monday to Friday

9am - 4pm Saturday

9am - 11:30pm Sunday

(term time)


Café 41 opening times:

8:30am - 4pm Monday to Friday


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The Lounge