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We're 'Excellent' at Green Impact

We're delighted to announce that we've been awarded an Excellent rating in the NUS Green Impact awards for the second year running!

Green Impact is an initiative run by the National Union of Students with the aim of promoting sustainability and our impact on the environment, so it's great to be recognised for the work we've been doing.

Last year CCSU entered the NUS Green Impact award and we were scored 314 / 500 gaining an Excellent rating and winning non-commercial union of the year 2016-17. This year the scores are in and we have improved by almost 100 points to 406 / 500.

"Our NUS SDG Teach In this year was a great success with 24 academics pledging to teach about the UN Sustainable Development Goals, this is just one of a great number of engaging and successful sustainability related projects we have run this year." - Nick Beard, President (Student Activities)

The awards will be presented in July at the NUS national awards event and we're very proud of the work we do in sustainability and hope to continue to improve and achieve more.