Professional Suitability

I have been called to a Professional Suitability Panel by my programme, what should I do?

For a simple guide please download this leaflet

If a student is studying an Education programme and it is considered that they have contravened the Teachers’ Standards or have contravened the Code of Student Professional Conduct then their Head of School can call the student to a Professional Suitability Panel. The University Professional Suitability Policy outlines the conduct of the panel and the possible outcomes of a Professional Suitability Panel hearing. Prepare for the meeting by writing a statement that explains your side of the story, the case in chronological order, and your reasons behind any actions, this can be submitted to the panel before the meeting.

All students are entitled to representation from the Students’ Union at Professional Suitability Panel hearings. Arrange to meet with the Students’ Union Advice Caseworker ( in good time before the meeting in order to go through the case and prepare. In your email please give a brief explanation of the situation and include your course, year and campus

“As a Students’ Union Advice Centre we offer advice in good faith, based on knowledge, experience and the best information available to us. Students who seek our help must take responsibility for their own decisions based on the advice we give.”






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