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Katie Ridout - Women's Lacrosse

I have been involved with a variety of different sports since a young age. At school I always loved PE and was part of the netball, swimming and rounder’s team. When starting University joining a sports team was something that I knew I wanted do, but there were so many teams to choose from. I had never played lacrosse before or really knew much about the sport, but I thought that University was the perfect place to try it out.

I found that most of the other girls in the team hadn’t ever picked up a stick either, and after just a couple of sessions I really loved the sport and being part of the team. I knew that lacrosse was something that I wanted to continue with throughout my three years at University. After being the vice president in my second year, I decided to go for president in my third.

I have aimed to make sure this year that we don’t lose one of the key aspects that makes our team, which is that we make the sport so it is fun and sociable for everyone. Our team and lacrosse as a whole has largely grown in numbers and awareness over the last few years, and my main aim this year is to try and continue this so that others can have the opportunity to try and love lacrosse.

We have played so well together as a team this year in both our training sessions and our matches, and I am so proud of everyone and can’t wait to see how the rest of the year and varsity goes for us!