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New Year. New Societies.

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The new year has ushered in a wave of fresh faced, excited freshers to the university, bringing with them, their varied tastes and interests! And so to celebrate the diverse and interesting societies we have here at the Student’s Union, I have proudly compiled a list of our new ones: 

C4 Fit

First up we have C4 Fit! This is an exciting society for women that need motivation in the gym and help with toning up! This excellent committee, guides their members on nutritional advice and aids them in achieving their ideal physique. Join up here.


Christ Church Student Minds

Next up we have the Christ Church Student Minds Society! Student Minds will be working on a number of mental health campaigns to raise awareness and make the #TimeToChange Pledge. Setting up Nightline is also a priority of the society that will be there to offer support to students throughout the year.  Join up here.


Film Society

We also have the Film Society new to this year! Film Society is the brainchild of Niko, Anthony and Evelyn that combines their appreciation for mainstream and independent film. They aim to hold weekly screening sessions, socials and a termly pub quiz! Come along if you want to discover some new movies, rewatch classics or just discuss your favourite actors/directors/films!  Join up here.


Catholic Society

Penultimately we have the Catholic Society, which has existed as an informal society for several years now. The group meet weekly at Chapel at the North Holmes Road site every Monday at 6:30pm to discuss life, God and the universe. They will be developing their work around Canterbury with the Homeless and also plan to offer some trips to various Catholic places of interest, such as Walsingham, Aylesford monastery and overseas trips to Brugge and hopefully other places as things develop. Join up here.


Comic Book Society

Last (but certainly not least) we have the Comic Book Society. Recently created on our Broadstairs campus to cater to the Comic Book fans there. The group meet fortnightly to watch films chronologically from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Dwell and discuss comic books and all things related! The society also plan to host regular visits to the comic book store in Margate, along with trips to the cinema and to next year’s MCM London Comic Con! Join up here.


Start a new society

You can see all our current societies here. If you want to create a society do not hesitate to send me an email ( or visit this link here.

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