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Our Inclusivity Event


The main Freshers Fayre held annually in the St George’s Centre and Augustine Hall can be an intense and overwhelming experience that is hard to navigate and get to grips with. For many students the busy room full of strangers can be a complete turn off; so this year I worked alongside the University's Accommodation Office on a solution.

The event was aimed at students who might not have quite yet found their extra thing at university, that help make you feel part of the Christ Church community.

Using funds from our sponsor Longley’s Cabs and from my Student Activities budget, we put on an event with a great selection of tea and cakes - which went down really well - and opened up the event to societies to get involved.

I invited all of our wonderful societies to come along and showcase what their society is all about and a selection of our finest came down, including: FemSoc, CCSU Asian Society, Arts, Crafts & Media, Snooker & Pool, RaG, PsySoc, Doctor Who Appreciation, Student Minds, Dance, Show Choir,  and the Harry Potter Society.

The Pool and Snooker society brought their mini pool table playing against students, whilst the Harry Potter guys were wand making. Our new Asian Society received over 20 new sign ups, whilst students enjoyed the delicious cupcakes and even had a go at decorating their own.

We had creative activities such as mask making, plate painting, cake decorating and model making hosted by the Student Minds Society.

Show Choir provided excellent entertainment and gained many new interested members at the same time.

The event succeeded in its goal of forming new bonds and introducing students to new activities and groups. I hope the event becomes an annual tradition that gets bigger and better every year!

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