Make your voice heard and create change by taking part in the biggest election at uni. THE RESULTS!

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the biggest election at uni.
who will you choose?

The biggest election at university is coming and this is your chance to bring about the changes you really want to see at Christ Church. Each year you elect the Student Leaders (also known as sabbaticals, sabbs, or full-time officers) who you want to be your voice and make student-led change that actually happens.

Click here to see the students who want your vote to help shape the future of both the union and the university.

The student leaders roles

Union President

Union President

Your main purpose is to represent and empower every student and be the main representative of students to the University.

  • Be the lead liaison for the Students’ Union and the student body with the University.
  • Be the Student Governor of Canterbury Christ Church University.
  • Be a Trustee of Christ Church Students’ Union as a charity.
  • Be a Director of Christ Church Students’ Union as a company
President (Your Course)

President (Academic Life)

Your role is to represent the academic matters of the student body to ensure all voices can be heard and amplified to help ensure Canterbury Christ Church students receive the best quality education.

  • Represent the Student Body at the highest level on academic matters, including at Academic Board.
  • Be a Trustee of Christ Church Students’ Union as a charity.
  • Be a Director of Christ Church Students’ Union as a company
President (Your Student Life)

President (Student Life)

Your role is to lead on creating and supporting life-changing student communities, to breaking down barriers that hinder participation, and to actively celebrate diversity.

  • Represent the Student Body at the highest level with student groups, ensuring our members engaged with Sports Clubs and Active and Interest Societies are represented.
  • Be a Trustee of Christ Church Students’ Union as a charity.
  • Be a Director of Christ Church Students’ Union as a company.

There are also lots of benefits of being a Student Leader at Christ Church Students' Union including:

  • Develops your skills and makes you more employable
  • Prolongs your university experience
  • Make change happen for fellow students
  • You get to lead a charity
  • It’s a paid position, with good holidays
  • You get to work in an area you’re passionate about
  • Work with university and government leaders
  • Network with other students’ Unions
  • Represent students on national TV
  • Lead big campaigns on national and international issues


After three weeks of nominations, a week of campaigning and 4 days of voting, we held our results night (8 March 2024) and have just announced our Student Leaders for 2024/25.

  • Union President: Ali Ghega
  • President (Academic Life): Sadia Haleema
  • President (Student Life): Molly Davies

Thank you to everyone who took part, campaigned, and to the 1,472 students who voted.

You can watch the video of the presentation here.

Student Leaders Image

Voting Demo (Desktop)

The theme on the elections website has changed this year, but the method of voting and the actual voting section hasn't changed so these videos are still useful for showing you how to cast your vote.

Voting Demo (Mobile)


We Use Preferential Voting

We use preferential voting which means that not only do you vote for your first choice candidate but you can also vote for your second choice and further. This means that if your first choice candidate gets knocked out of the voting early on, then your vote switches to your second place candidate.

This is in place for all elections and all methods so it's important you know this.

Here's what you need to do.

  • Choose your candidates in order of preference to win.
  • You do not need to pick all candidates and can stop with just one if preferred.
  • If at any stage you believe the candidates you have not yet numbered are unsuitable for the position, you can select Re-Open Nominations (R.O.N.).
  • Once you have completed your preferences simply click the 'Cast Vote' button to submit your votes.

The simple video from our friends at LSU explains how it all works.

Having problems?

If you're having any issues or are unable to vote then please email

Key dates


    APPLY | 14:00 Tuesday 30 January - 21:00 Monday 19 February

    This is the phase where you can apply (also known as Nominate or put yourself forward) for 1 of the 3 Student Leader roles. You can only nominate yourself for one role.


    CANDIDATE'S BRIEFING | 17:00 Tuesday 20 February

    Once you're officially a candidates we need to get together to go through the process, ensure you know the procedures, and answer any of your questions before the campaigning and voting begins


    ANNOUNCING THE CANDIDATES | 16:00 Thursday 29 February

    This is when we publicly reveal who the candidates are in the elections and you get the chance to find out more about them before the voting period starts so that you can make an informed decision.


    CAMPAIGNING STARTS | 17:00 Thursday 29 February

    The candidates can now get out there and tell students why they deserve to be their next student leaders.


    VOTING | 10:00 Monday 4 March - 17:00 Thursday 7 March

    It's time to choose the next student leaders at Christ Church! Voting takes place online on this website.


We love stats and 1472 students have voted so far, so scroll down to see more.

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